Terms and Conditions

Software Licensing Agreement

By downloading and creating an account in the Impart Wealth app, you recognize that Impart offers the service as a license. You are bound by this agreement, our Community Guidelines, and Privacy Policy, which are between you and Impart Wealth only.  You are granted the ability to use the app with limitations. This license is non-transferable and revocable by Impart without notice or explanation. Impart’s proprietary software can only be used for personal accounts and cannot be sold, transferred, copied, redistributed, sub-licensed, or used for profit, derivative work, or competitive gain. The app license is limited only to those residing and using the app within the United States. Any user found to be outside of the United States will be removed. Licensing will only extend to users with compatible devices. New versions of the app may require updates to continue use. 


Disclaimers of Liability and Warranty


Impart provides this app as is and users must use this app at their own risk. Impart, its partners, affiliates, and suppliers will not, under any circumstances, be held liable for any direct, indirect,  loss or damage incurred by download, use, or reliance of our app.

Impart does not warrant any of the following: 1. That any part of or the entirety of the app provided will be free of errors or have constant uninterrupted service. 2. That any or all defects will be corrected; that any updates will be provided to users based on feedback, errors, bugs found on the part of end users, Impart, or other parties. 3. That the app is free of harmful viruses or code. 4. That tailored content served to the app will continue to be available indefinitely.

Objectionable Content Reporting

Any user who finds objectionable content including but not limited to nudity, abuse, foul language, any language that can be interpreted as harassment or discriminatory, among other content is encouraged to report the content to Impart. Users should use the app's reporting feature to report they deem unnecessary or objectionable. To report content and request the abusive user be removed, email support@impartwealth.com which the post title, where the content resides, and if necessary the comment and screenname associated with the content. Impart will act upon submissions for removal/blockage of a user within 24 hours.



Registering, downloading, using, or accessing Impart’s  services, including but not limited to our website, data, mobile, and tablet apps, resources, curated discussions, and offers from our partners, you are in agreement with these terms, and our Privacy Policy.


Impart reserves the right to modify these and the Privacy Policy at any time. Updates to the terms will be made public and effective by publishing on this page. Impart may without any liability, change, update, modify, terminate, or revoke access to any of its offerings across all of its platforms, without notice.


By continuing to use Impart’s offerings you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older.




Users who register for Impart’s services are upon registration authorizing Impart to hold on to their data. The data can be provided directly, such as but not limited to app registration, or indirectly, such as but not limited to site activity. Users commit to submitting accurate and truthful information in response to Impart’s data gathering efforts. All offerings must be used for personal purposes only, unless you receive explicit permission from Impart.


Prohibited Activities


Upon registration Impart requires users to create a password. This password is not to be shared with anyone. Users are responsible for the safeguarding of their account passwords. Improper account usage will result in account termination. To ensure the stability and well-being of Impart’s offerings, visitors and users may not engage in any of the following activities:


  1. Transfer, sell, or otherwise provide a different party access to their account.

  2. Disable or otherwise interfere with any of Impart’s offerings.

  3. Trick, defraud, or otherwise lead astray any visitors or users.

  4. Use automated technology to engage any of Impart’s offerings. This includes but is not limited to robots, data miners, scripts, scraper, spiders, algorithm, or any other similar agents.

  5. Interfere with or nefariously increase or decrease action within offerings.

  6. Attempt to impersonate another visitor, user, person, company, or technology.

  7. Use any information or offering in order to harm or abuse another visitor, user, person, company, or Impart.

  8. Intimidate, harass, or threaten visitors, users, or Impart.

  9. Attempt to remove or delete another visitor, user, or Impart’s post, comment, media, or writing from any of Impart’s offerings.

  10. Upload, link to, or transmit in any form any virus, trojan, or other known and unknown tool that spams, interrupts, disables, or interferes with Impart.

  11. Use Impart’s offerings to recycle content, reverse-engineer offerings, or compete against Impart.

  12. Use Impart’s offerings in any way that goes against any applicable laws or regulations.


Intellectual Property


The images, icons, designs, text, graphics, audio, videos, and future media created by Impart and displayed across their many offerings are exclusively licensed for Impart to use. They may not be used, collected, copied, distributed, altered, displayed, or sold.


Links Within Offerings


At times Impart will provide links within its various offerings to third parties. External links cannot be monitored by Impart at all times. Users accept the risks of visiting external links upon clicking on them.


Legal Representation


Impart does not represent any regulated financial institutions, advisors, partners, or licensed financial companies. The information provided in Impart’s offerings are for the purpose of providing information. Visitors and users alike should consult with licensed professionals before making any financial decisions seen on any of Impart’s offerings.


Last updated: 07/2019