Community Guidelines

Code of Conduct

Impart Wealth was created to foster a supportive and diverse community that works together to help each other make better financial decisions. We aim to be a place where everyone can be supportive of everyone’s milestones no matter how big or small. Thank you for being a part of this! Our guidelines are a living document which will change with our hives. Please take the time to review them before engaging in the community and head over to our FAQs for any questions.


We highly encourage members to ask questions, and share tips and real life situations on making better decisions. If you don’t see anyone talking about something you care about, make a post so others can share their thoughts. Share your own thoughts by commenting on or liking posts/comments.


Each week Impart posts a topic of interest to bring members together. These posts are visible at the top of the hive by all members and are a great way to talk to others in your hive. 

Want to post a link? To make it easier on other hive members we do ask that you refrain from sharing long links (40 characters is usually too long). There are several free to use short link generators available online such as Be sure to check links prior to posting to ensure they are not in violation of prohibited activities.


Prohibited Activities


Name calling, threats, defamation, bullying, and libelous activity.

Posting, linking, or commenting, obscene, sexually suggestive, not safe for work, spam, or indecent activities.

Trick, defraud, mislead, deceive, or interfere with activities or other hive users.

Posting, commenting, or leading users to items that are go against local, state, federal, or international law.

Manipulation of offering results such as asking for votes or specific engagement.

Impersonating a person, service, company, or offering.

Creation of multiple accounts in order to evade ban or other restrictions.

Linking, uploading, distributing, posting, or otherwise encouraging members to visit tools that are harmful in nature, this includes but is not limited to bugs, viruses, Trojans, and worms.

Run automated tools such as scripts or spiders to interfere, reverse-engineer, copy, or otherwise harm or compete with Impart.




Depending on the severity of the activity, moderators will respond in one or several of the following ways:


Provide a warning

Provide a stern warning

Delete post

Delete comment(s)

Delete user account

Ban user

Reporting Objectionable Content 

Any user who finds objectionable content including but not limited to nudity, abuse, foul language, any language that can be interpreted as harassment or discriminatory, among other content is encouraged to report the content to Impart using the reporting function in the app. To both report content and request the abusive user be removed, email with the post title, where the content resides, and if necessary the comment and screenname associated with the content. Impart will act upon submissions for removal/blockage of a user within 30 days.


Last updated: 05/2021