Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit any offerings provided by  (“Impart”).


Information Collection and Use


  1. Information Collected By Impart
    Impart collects information from both visitors and users. Collection occurs during direct and indirect access to any of Impart’s offerings.  Impart collects information by tracking various actions across all offerings, including but not limited to time stamps, user posts, comments, clicks, views, browser type, access device, ISP, time spent in offering, personal data, names, screen names, and emails.

    Use of Information 
    Impart uses this information to see patterns that can lead to improvement in offerings. This information is also used to provide visitors and users comparisons on trends, patterns, and educational content. Impart also uses items such as user history, or visitor views, posts, and comments to create marketing and ad campaigns.

    2. Information You Provide Impart
    Impart requests that users voluntarily provide personal financial data, along with emails, screen names, and name.

    Use of Information
    Impart uses this information to provide a personalized profile for users upon login and give comparisons to other members, as well similar peer groups not in the hive. Impart does not share this information with third parties and will never, ever, sell it to third parties.

    3. Information Collected From Outside Sources
    Impart collects analytics from other services tied to its offerings such as mailing, survey, and marketing services.

    Use of Information

    Impart uses this information to fulfill the profile requirements in user’s offerings. It also uses analytics from outside services to update visitors and users and improve offerings, targeted ads and marketing campaigns.

    Data Safety

    Impart prioritizes the safety of all user data by using the highest level of bank encryption available. Impart protects user information to prevent unauthorized access or use of the data users have provided. As with any use of a device connected to the internet, there are also associated risks. With this in mind, do expect that Impart should not be expected to fully protect your data under all possible and unknowable circumstances. Impart uses security certificates on our website to keep in line with industry standards for safety.  Users are prompted to use strong passwords before fully engaging with Impart’s offerings.



Last updated: 04/2019